SAMSUNG PAY CASINOLearn Quickly New Pay By Phone Method – Samsung Pay Casino

It’s undoubtedly a joy to bring new faces to the pay by phone casino family of convenient mobile payment methods.

The Samsung Pay brings a solution to a common problem – more and more things in your physical wallet.

Often feeling like you can’t keep track of the cards you’ve got inside the purse? Samsung Pay, which is in many ways similar to Apple Pay, offers a solution to this.

What’s the deal?

Using Samsung Pay allows you to store all of your cards in one place, inside a simple app. Then, you can use your phone to make the contactless payments just like you use your cards. It’s easy, fast, secure and has no fees. What else do we need?

In today’s world, we bring more and more things online and virtual. And that’s not wrong, because it makes everyday life undoubtedly more convenient. New payment options that do not include cash spring to life, and we welcome them here at pay by phone casino.

One more thing, though!

We are not talking here for talking. We’ve decided to bring you a quick guide to the Samsung Pay Casino, and it’s just below!

What are the essentials of Samsung Pay Casino?

Although the required information to gather isn’t huge, there are still some key facts to know. It’s just a quick tour after the most crucial Samsung Pay Casino aspects. Each of the information you will find below will be described in more details later in the article. But the points below are especially helpful for those who need quick info.

Samsung Pay Casino Essentials

  • To use it, you need a specific phone model (smartwatches can also use Samsung Pay!)
  • You cannot utilise your phone credit, but you can use the bank cards.
  • Outside of bank cards, you can also store gift cards, memberships; anything that has a barcode.
  • It’s worth noting that more than 1000 banks work with Samsung Pay.
  • Any physical store allowing quick bank cards payment enables Samsung Pay.
  • It’s entirely safe to use.
  • It’s easy.
  • There is a loyalty programme – for paying, you get points to exchange for rewards.
  • The service is available only in specific countries.

SAMSUNG PAY CASINOPayments get more and more convenient

The company claims the new mobile wallet Samsung Pay is much more than just an app to have a bank card in it. As we have mentioned, you can store here also the gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, memberships in various places, and more. Thanks to Samsung Pay Casino method, you can deposit with just a single tap.

What do you need for that?

Sadly, not all Samsung devices support the service. Only specific ones do include it, and we’ll cover that very soon.

The payment itself proves to boost the everyday payments smoothness a lot. Instead of looking for a specific card out of your entire wallet, you make a quick transaction with the phone. In physical stores, you use smartphone precisely as you would use a card with contactless payment.

What’s the bank availability?

Have no worries here. But if you happen to do, you can check all the 1000 banks all around the world on the Samsung website. Just enter the name of your bank and see if the service supports it. It’s undoubtedly not hard to get into the Samsung Pay Casino.

What devices support Samsung Pay Casino?

It’s an essential thing to know. Is my device capable of processing the Samsung Pay?

Below you’ll find all the devices compatible with Samsung Pay Casino:

  • Galaxy S4 / Active,
  • Galaxy S5 / Active / Mini / Sport,
  • Galaxy S6 / Active / Edge / Edge+,
  • Galaxy S7 / Active / Edge,
  • Galaxy Note 3,
  • Galaxy Note 4,
  • Galaxy Note Edge,
  • Galaxy Note 5,
  • Galaxy J3,
  • Galaxy J7,
  • Galaxy E5,
  • Galaxy Grand Prime.

Some of the smartwatches in Samsung offer are also compatible with the payment. Which are those? As of now only Gear S2 Sport – SM-R720 and Gear S2 Classic – SM-R732 support Samsung Pay Casino.

Samsung Pay – both online and physical payments

In any store that allows bank cards, it is also possible to use a contactless payment with Samsung phone. We’ve covered it already, so let’s get to the online payments.

You are not limited to the casinos. Any online store and apps on your phone may support Samsung Pay. It enables you to make transactions with one click. If you are inside the game, you don’t want to be disturbed. If you’re going to buy a digital item, you simply tap the screen a few times. And now you are back on track. It’s the same with buying through online stores.

It’s so fast, but how?

The critical fact is that all the details are already prepared for the payment. You include them once in the app, and you are free to go. Samsung Pay Casino deposits are more comfortable and faster now.

Which countries support Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay Casino tries to be everywhere as availability is key to a successful payment option. And it’s especially useful for those that do not have access to payments like Siru, Boku, Zimpler or BT.

The countries that have Samsung Pay Casino available are below:

  • Australia,
  • Belarus,
  • Brazil,
  • Canada,
  • China,
  • Hong Kong,
  • India,
  • Italy,
  • Malaysia,
  • Mexico,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Russia,
  • Singapore,
  • South Korea,
  • Spain,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,
  • Taiwan,
  • Thailand,
  • The United Arab Emirates,
  • UK,
  • US,
  • Vietnam.

How safe is it?

Losing your physical wallet while you have multiple cards in it is a bad idea. No one would feel comfortable when blocking numerous cards, and what if you forgot about one? When you lose your phone, though, then you only need to prevent the access to the app from that device. What’s more, someone who steals it wouldn’t be able to use the app anyway. To access it, a PIN, scan of the face or fingerprint validation are required. Therefore, Samsung Pay is entirely secure.

Deposit to casinos with Samsung Pay!


Samsung Pay Casinos will soon be available, and it’s great to have another pay by phone casino method available. Although the Samsung Pay doesn’t utilise phone bill, we think many customers will use it. Being able to pay quickly via phone on a gambling website is exciting.

So, which casinos include it?

As of now, sadly, no casino accepts the Samsung Pay deposit option. You can be sure, though, that we will list the first casinos that make it available!