People create online gambling sites for people. At the same time, they are keep warning about that gambling can be addictive and appeal to gamble reasonable.

What is responsible gambling? How to realize that you are in trouble? Where to look for help?

Read an article to gain some awareness and be safer. Gambling can really be addictive so don’t start playing if you think there is even a small chance of addiction for you. Don’t even start gambling if you are under 18. It’s not legal! Just like playing in another casino then the one holding UK Gambling Commission license for UK players.

Responsible Gambling

We are not a scientist but a reasonable people that understand what it means to gamble responsibly. There are some things that are not that obvious. Some people think that gamble is a way to earn money. Never think that way, simply remember that losing is the risk of gambling. That is why the player should use the only available money. Never borrow for playing, don’t use debit on your credit card. It’s an easy way to the bad debt problem. If you lost don’t try to get it back depositing and playing more. Check the time spending on playing, don’t let anything else go because of gambling. Use self-exclusion if you have any suspicion that your problem starts and get help.

Before start playing read Terms and Conditions on casino sites. Understanding rules will help you play smarter. Also, learn rules of games. Be careful about bonuses and wagering requirements.

Get help Immediately

If you feel you have a problem or your family or friends suggest it, it’s time to get help. A lot of public institutions are willing to help and help is often free. Some people have a strong will and think they will manage alone but it’s better to get professional help.

  • GamCare helps UK residents and NON-UK residents. Visit GamCare or call the helpline on 0845 6000 133.
  • Gamblers Anonymous has a regional fellowship all around the world. Visit Gamblers Anonymous to know more.
  • Gambling Therapy operates in the UK and internationally. Visit Gambling Therapy

Don’t wait, get help in case any suspicious of the gambling addiction!

responsible gambling


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