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What is Paysafecard ESports Betting?

Esports lately gained a lot of fans. The growing popularity of esports allowed investors to create esports betting sites. Some betting websites expanded their offer with Paysafecard esports. But developers also created entirely new places from scratch. These sites have multiple deposit options. In this article, we would like to talk about depositing with Paysafecard to esports betting sites. Using Paysafecard for betting can be beneficial, and soon we will explain why.

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What is more, this article isn’t only about Paysafecard esports, it’s also about other important esports betting topics. You will find here a quick guide to odds. We will also explain shortly how different it is to bet on esports compared to regular sports. Furthermore, you will get to know the basics of a typical Paysafecard esports betting site.

Betting with Paysafecard esports can be a lot of fun. Here on our site we actively participate in what we are writing about. If you love particular esports games as we do, it’s a lot of fun to bet healthy amounts on these. What is more, by doing that you can meet a lot of people who similarly love certain games. That’s why we are running this site – to provide the best information about esports betting.

Deposit methods in esports betting

While there are a lot of good deposit methods in the UK casinos, things in esports betting are a bit different. There are a lot of good mobile payment methods in casinos, things like Boku, Siru, BT Landline or Zimpler. These methods, though, aren’t so popular in esports betting sites. While we hope it will change soon, we decided that we have to work with the things available currently. That’s why we think Paysafecard esports betting is right now the way to go.

Deposit methods available in a common esports betting site are most often payment options using your credit/debit card. All of the people actively gambling should know this isn’t the best deposit option. Firstly, it isn’t very convenient. Secondly, it’s good to care about your personal details being safe. Moreover, banks don’t like gambling transactions on your account and it can affect you in a bad way.

Although some esports betting sites allow you to deposit even in Bitcoins, there are not many popular and anonymous deposit methods. That’s why we like Paysafecard esports and we think that may be one of the better methods so far.

Deposit with Paysafecard

First of all, Paysafecard is popular in the whole world. It’s hard to find a person who didn’t use it at all. At least from people actively playing games. This is a popular method mostly because Paysafecard esports doesn’t require you to have a credit/debit card. That’s why a lot of people use it. If you happen to not have a credit card yet, most often Paysafecard is the way to go. And if you don’t like to fill up things or share your personal info, that’s also for you.

Depositing with Paysafecard esports is very easy:

  1. Buy a Paysafecard with the amount of your choice.
  2. Select a Paysafecard payment method, type the amount you want to use or choose the card amount.
  3. Enter a 16-digit PIN code from the card you have bought.

There are a few things to note, so you can know everything about Paysafecard esports. If you have bought a €50 Paysafecard card and used only €20 for the transaction, the €30 remains for you. You can use these €30 for a completely different transaction by using the same PIN code.

Another very convenient thing about Paysafecard esports is that you don’t have to buy a card of the same currency you will pay. The currencies will transfer automatically upon payment. Although such thing is with a fee, it’s understandable there.

Advantages of using Paysafecard

It seems like we forgot about perhaps one of the most important things. Usually, you don’t pay any fee for the transactions via Paysafecard. You do only in very specific situations. Therefore, you can check out these on the Paysafecard’s official page. That’s why Paysafecard esports is such a profitable way of depositing funds.

To the convenience of that payment method adds the fact it’s really easy to buy a card of Paysafecard. A lot of shops sell it, you can probably buy it at your nearest newsstand. What is more, you can also buy it online from the merchants through a regular bank transfer.

Another very important advantage of using Paysafecard esports is the safety that comes with it. Even in the title of this payment method, there is a ‘safe’ word. Paysafecard is really easy to use, tested by people from the entire world. You don’t need to fill up any personal details. You can compare it to buying things with cash in a physical shop. Paysafecard is like a cash on the internet, a thief really can’t do a lot with that. That is because you don’t give up an access to your credit card or bank account. This is often the other case with different payment methods.

Overall, we know now basically everything about depositing to betting sites with Paysafecard. Right now, it would be also good to know a bit more about the esports betting.

How different is esports betting from regular betting?

To start with, betting on traditional sports is considered a bit easier by many. That is because of a few factors.

First of all, esports is popular, but still, there can be times where there are not many matches to bet on. At such times, if you want to bet, you have to bet on really not popular, not-known tournaments. Because of that, you bet on the teams that are not well-known. Firstly, it can be really hard to predict the outcome. Secondly, such situation can cause upsets very often, so the underdog can win easily in tier 100 matches. If you want to bet safely, we recommend betting mostly on big, popular tournaments. On the other hand, though, if you have a good intuition and are a very good better, things may change. You can try and predict that an underdog will win. In such situations, you can gain a lot with relatively small, safe to lose bets. Often the underdog odds are around 2,000 or 3,000.

Secondly, there are no draws in esports. At least we don’t know about games including a draw. It used to be that with League of Legends when Best of Two (Bo2) system was in use. But right now, draws are really rarely allowed in esports. Draws allow a match to have three outcomes, which can make things harder, especially for the beginners. This is not an issue in Paysafecard esports, which is a definitely good thing. Although some people may like three outcomes of matches, we’re not these ones. But if you want to have an ability to bet on more things, this is a case in esports. You can bet on the time in which the game will end. Or you can bet on the specific picks and bans in the game.

All in all, Paysafecards esports betting isn’t that different from regular sports. Probably the most important thing here is that it can be a bit more difficult. If you bet for fun, the additional thrill may be actually a big advantage over the regular sports. But if you aim to gain a lot, it may be a big obstacle for you. The final decision is up to you, but we definitely recommend Paysafecard esports betting if you love esports games!

Esports betting – A Guide to Odds

It’s natural you are going to make a bet after depositing with Paysafecard esports. There are some people, though, who have no idea how odds work in betting sites. Especially when it comes to ways of displaying the odds. These can be sometimes completely unintuitive. Thankfully, most Paysafecard esports betting sites display the odds with the clearest way, which is the decimal odds.

Decimal odds

Let’s say there is a match between an A and B team. The A has 1,364 odds when the B has 2,707 odds. These numbers say how much it is likely for the A and B team to win. If you want to see what chance percentage it is for the A team to win, you need to divide 100 by 1,364. Then, 100/1,364 equals 73,31%. Team A is a big favourite. Then the chance for the team B is 100/2,707, so it’s 36,94%. When you add both percentages, it will be 110,25%. That 10,25% seems to be the margin of the bookmaker. This is the money the bookmaker earns for running the Paysafecard esports betting website.

Moreover, that type of showing odds lets you see quickly how much will you win including the stake you’ve wagered. To see how much you can win just multiply your bet by the odds. If you bet  €5 on the team A, in case you win, you are going to receive 5*1,364, so €6,82. You are going to win €1,82. As you can see, it isn’t profitable to bet on team A. Low risk, but a very low reward. And the thing is, in case team A loses you are going to lose €5. It’s not good to bet on such small odds unless you are nearly sure you win.

Fractional odds

Finally, instead of decimal odds, you can also see fractional odds. These are very popular in the regular sports betting sites. It’s also good to know these.

The fractional odds, like the name suggests, are a fraction. Such example may be 14/6 odds. If you want to see the percentage of these odds, you can use the following formula.

14/6 = 6/(14+6) = 0,3 = 30%

So all you do is divide the right number by a sum of both numbers. Such odds also let you know how much you will win. If you bet €6, you will receive €14. That type of showing the odds is a bit less intuitive at the first glance.

Still, if you prefer any ways of displaying odds, most sites will let you switch between these. While we are speaking about the Paysafecard esports betting sites, let’s get to this topic right now!

Esports betting sites

To start with, it’s generally easy to use a Paysafecard esports betting site. The first thing you have to do is obviously to register an account. Betting is gambling, so you need to be over 18 in order to register. Moreover, registering process shouldn’t be much of an issue. It is a very general process you have done a lot of times already. We encountered nothing exceptional there.

Before you register, though, you need to choose the Paysafecard esports betting website. The most noteworthy thing you need to do is to choose if you want to use a bookmaker dedicated only to esports or a general sports betting site. That is very important. Usually, general sports betting website will have not that many of esports matches going on. On the other hand, you can be sure that the esports dedicated bookmaker will have all or most matches available. Because of that, we recommend you to look for a Paysafecard esports betting site focused only on esports.

After registering to the esports site, you need to get to know the interface. Usually, you will have sections with all or only one specific game. If you look for bets only from the specific game, you are free to do so. In this case, you should be able to easily see only the matches from such game. Betting sites provide a lot of options to sort and customize of what you see. The rest of the layout is definitely a standard. It’s very similar to a casino when you can see your current balance.

If you want to make a bet, just click on the match. It should show you if you can bet only on the winner of the match, or if you can also bet on other things like bans, the time in which the match ends, etc. In case of CS:GO, for example, you can bet on which team wins the first round, for example.

After betting, well, there is not much to do other than watching the match and cheering for your team!


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