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When you want to make mobile payment safely, quickly and easily, you should think about Payforit, that’s available on all UK mobile networks and some virtual like Lebra and Virgin. The higher trust for it arises from the fact that it’s not a company but government regulator. Using it you are able to buy digital services such as videos, games, memberships. That is the essential costs and details are clearly displayed before you make your purchase.

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You can make payments via Accredited Payment Intermediaries. API’s are companies that provide Payforit services on behalf of the UK mobile network operators. They manage billing requests between consumers and mobile operators.

The list of current Accredited Payment Intermediaries are:
Dialogue Communications
IMI Mobile
Impulse Pay
Oxygen8 Communications

“Where used correctly, Payforit ensures that consumers are clearly presented with the price of a product or service prior to purchase and that a robust consent to charge is obtained for every transaction” Source: Statment-on-the-regulation-of-Payforit

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Payforit is a perfect solution for mobile consumers that want to buy videos and games safely using any device- over the mobile internet or wi-fi. The transaction amount is charged to their mobile phone bill or deducted from their prepaid credits. Your billing information will never be passed on to any other company. Also, no unauthorised charges will be added to your phone bill. All that is needed to make payment is a mobile phone number. There’s no need for credit cards, sign ups, etc. As a result, Payfoit simplifies the online payment as much as it can.

According to customers experience the whole process closes in 15 keystrokes – in some cases, only one is needed. Isn’t that the quickest payment method you have ever heard about? It’s as simple as fast. There’s no need of downloading any additional software to your device. Additional facilitation you can see when you use your mobile network. As soon you reach the payment page you don’t have to enter your number in.

The greatest advantages:

  • No registration needed,
  • No additional charges,
  • Quick payment,
  • Available on all UK mobile networks,
  • Can be used by anyone in the UK who owns a mobile phone and has credit.

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