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All You Need to Know about Boku Sports Betting

This article aims to give all the information you need to know about Boku pay by mobile and sports betting. READ MORE

These two things are highly connected. Nowadays we do a lot of things with a mobile phone. This is no surprise, then, that paying by mobile phone in Boku sports betting sites is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, a lot of such websites have their dedicated mobile versions. This is a standard currently for any serious site.

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All in all, in these days you can easily bet on your favourite team entirely through your phone. Starting from depositing to the Boku sports betting site through the betting on the match of your choice to winning and withdrawing the money. All in one place, this brings a great convenience.

But you may not be familiar that much with the Boku sports betting. If you have any questions considering Boku pay by mobile or sports betting sites, reading this article will help you. The reason is below you will find very detailed descriptions of the most important topics.

Introduction to sports betting

To begin with, sports betting or rather betting, in general, is a very old practice. The very first example is betting on popes at the very beginning of XVI century. Although, even then it was considered a thing people did a long time before. It sure gained popularity in the XX century. Back then, the most popular sports were boxing, baseball, football and horse racing. Did a lot change? The technology, sure, but honestly, sports stay the same. Now we can deposit money via phone in our hand using Boku sports betting sites. But we can also see how universal sports betting is, not changing much throughout the history. Meanwhile, the Boku sports betting is just another technology making the entire experience easier.

Sports betting with Boku pay by mobile

First of all, let’s get to know the payment method we bring as a part of the Boku sports betting topic. If you are not familiar with Boku pay by mobile already, then it’s perfect. You will possibly find every detail about this payment method in the following paragraphs.

Boku is a free way of having a bank account in the form of your phone bill. Of course, it’s not literally a bank account. You can pay with your phone bill easily, but you can’t withdraw the money on your phone bill. That’s perfectly understandable. You could say it’s your e-wallet using the funds of your phone bill. The company Boku operates since 2009 and has 173 carries in 51 countries. There are also multiple prestigious brands having the partnerships with Boku – Google, Facebook or Apple. This is just a few out of many other brands you can see on the Boku’s website. Hopefully, thanks to that Boku sports betting will gain more popularity.

What is more, this method allows you to deposit to Boku sports betting sites for free. This is just to mention perhaps the most important things about Boku. We will describe it fully in the advantages of Boku.

Sadly the method is only available for the residents of the UK. The reason is you need to have a UK phone number to use Boku pay by mobile. You can use Boku with nearly every operator on the UK market.

Another noteworthy thing is the fact that Boku pay by mobile isn’t that popular in sports betting sites. So far, it gained a very big popularity in mobile casinos. It seems like Boku sports betting just slowly grows to be big. That’s why it’s good for you to have an easy access to everything you need to know about it.

Boku pay by mobile – the advantages

There is a reason why we do promote Boku sports betting. Pay by mobile payment solution is the future of mobile payment allowing you to pay quickly by an SMS. We hope that in future such method of payment will be a standard. But enough talking without the real arguments. We would like to show you the main advantages of Boku and describe them thoroughly.

It is an entirely free payment method

To start with, perhaps the most important thing about Boku. It comes without any fees. An entire amount you pay with your phone bill goes to the receiver. At the end of the month, the amount is deducted from your phone bill. An entire amount goes to the Boku sports betting site. There might be a situation a casino or a site you are using takes a fee for Boku. But this is rare and we advise you to check the Terms & Conditions considering deposit to see if there is any fee for Boku. Pay by Phone was meant to be entirely free and thankfully most places keep this in that state.

  • It is legit and safe

Considering these topics, we hope you are not worried. Because you shouldn’t be. We already mentioned the fact the Boku company operates in a lot of countries. When it comes to Pay by Phone, this is a very popular payment method in the UK. Thousands of people use it every day. Moreover, there is a customer support available for you in case of any problems. Furthermore, to ensure safety, all the transactions are encrypted, so no one can interfere with them.

  • You are anonymous while using Boku

This part is also about the safety of Boku, but this is another aspect of it. The fact you don’t have to share any details in order to use Boku is truly one of the better things about it. Imagine how hard it is nowadays to keep your privacy and personal information. Literally, in every site you register to, you need to give up your address and other information. Moreover, in some payment methods using your bank account, you need to even share your bank account login and password.

On the other hand, there is Boku pay by mobile. Using Boku sports betting sites is truly safe as the only thing you share for deposit is your phone number. The phone number serves as a contact option for the customer support, it is your ID and a payment method. Therefore, it’s hard to find a payment solution safer and more convenient at the same time.

But why exactly it is so good to be anonymous? Betting is considered a form of gambling, and banks don’t like it on your account. Therefore, if you are using a method that shows gambling transactions on your bank account, it will affect you. For example, it will lower your ability to take loans and will affect your mortgage application.

  • The default limits protect you from overspending

Don’t you think we have already mentioned a lot of things? We aren’t even done here with Boku sports betting! Although this advantage may be seen as a disadvantage for some, we will talk a bit about it later. For now, this is definitely a plus that there is no way of your bill raising up to enormous amounts. This is because Boku pay by mobile has a transaction limit. The default limits are a max. of £10 per transaction and a max. of £30 daily. As you can see, in case of any problems, mistakes, or in case you have lost your phone, etc. these limits protect you. Moreover, in case you are a very rich person, you can ask support for higher limits.

  • Using Boku is convenient

Using Boku sports betting sites is very easy. Not only Boku requires only your phone number, the payment process is also simple. Moreover, you can use pay by phone whether you have a contract with your mobile provider or you use a prepaid card. Furthermore, nearly all mobile providers allow you to pay with Boku. The only exception is Virgin Mobile.

The entire process of paying with phone on a Boku sports betting site is easy and takes about 15 seconds. A few paragraphs below, you will find the exact step-by-step guide of how to do it exactly. The fact paying with Boku is fast is important, especially in Boku sports betting. You may be a busy person and the match you want to bet on is starting just in a few minutes. Other deposit methods can’t even be used by phone. On the other hand, there is Boku sports betting allowing you to fund your account with your phone almost instantly.

The Cons of Boku

When describing everything about the payment method in Boku sports betting, we have to be fair. That’s why we will also talk about the cons of Boku. All of the disadvantages of Boku aren’t any big problems, that’s why all of these are disputable. Moreover, for most users the cons we will talk about won’t even be real problems.

  • Transaction limits

To start with, the transaction limits may be bad for some wealthy people. But we have to remember that we still use just our phone bill. The entire payment environment of that isn’t suited to process big amounts. Moreover, the limits protect you from overspending and will be a big plus for others. Furthermore, support may raise these limits for you upon request. Still, for some of the biggest spenders, it will be too low, that’s why we list it as a con.

  • No withdrawal option

We also already mentioned this, and this is quite obvious. It would be hard to withdraw money from your phone bill, and we guess no one would want that anyway. For us, it isn’t really a con, but for some people, it may be. While using Boku sports betting, you will most likely withdraw the money through a bank transfer. Different sites have different approaches to that, though.

Finally, these are all details about Boku pay by phone. Boku sports betting is really becoming a thing thanks to all the merits of Boku. As you can see, the cons of Boku are hardly cons, and other payment methods have lots of these. Right now, the only one thing remains considering Boku – how to use it exactly?

Using Boku in a sports betting site

First of all, you need to check whether the site is a Boku sports betting site. To know that, simply scroll to the bottom of the place. Boku can be visible in a few different ways – either it’s the BOKU logo, Pay by Phone or Pay by Mobile signs. The payment methods in most websites are at the bottom, but there might be exceptions. Still, usually, it will be in a visible place. If you can’t find Boku among logos, then the site may not be Boku sports betting site. But to be sure, look for the deposits section on the site. If there is none, then look for the Terms & Conditions. There should be all deposit options, if there is no Boku here, sadly, you have to look elsewhere.

If you are on a Boku sports betting site, register your account. The process is easy and pretty usual, so we won’t be describing it. After getting to the deposits, do these three simple steps in order to fund your account with Boku.

  1. Choose Boku / Pay by Phone / Pay by Mobile deposit option.
  2. Check if the amount is correct, then enter the mobile number.
  3. To confirm, simply respond ‘Y’ to the SMS you will receive at no additional cost.

After doing these three quick steps, you have the money in your account! Right now, it would be good to make the best deal out of your deposit. That’s why we will describe bonuses in the Boku sports betting.

Bonuses in the Boku sports betting

Such thing as a welcome bonus became a standard in all online casinos and betting sites. This bonus will give you a few extra funds for the start. If you are a newcomer, initially you may not know how exactly the bonuses work. There are Terms and Conditions that describe how these work. But these can be not clear enough, that’s why we would like to explain everything about these to you.

  • Match bonus

To start with, the bonuses in Boku sports betting are very similar to the casino bonuses. Therefore, the most popular one is the match bonus you can acquire during the depositing. Match bonus will give you an additional percentage of the deposited funds. For example, you deposit £100 for the first time. Let’s say there is 100% match bonus up to £50, then you get £50 bonus funds to your account. If there would be 100% match bonus up to £200, then you would get £100. In casinos, the bonuses may be active for the first three deposits, but it’s rare for Boku sports betting sites.

  • The rollover or the wagering requirement

Usually, the welcome bonus is just a match bonus, especially for the Boku sports betting sites. That’s why there is really nothing more to talk about when it comes to these. But there is also another important topic considering bonuses. The websites can call this thing differently, it may be a rollover, play over or the wagering requirement.

In the Boku, sports betting it is all the same no matter the name. In order to get the bonus funds and make them ‘real’ and withdrawable, you need to meet these requirements. The basics are simple. You need to play/bet/wager real money x times of the amount of bonus or both the deposit and bonus (depends on the betting site). The second part will vary depending on the website you are using.

On Boku sports betting sites the rollover is usually 7-8 times of these amounts. Only the settled bets will count to the rollover. Then, the confirmed bets that had its result will only count towards wagering. Moreover, the owners of the site can allow only the bets with the specific odds to count for the wagering. For example, only the bets or 1.5 and more will count, etc. Furthermore, there is a time limit in which you have to complete the rollover in a Boku sports betting site.

Read the Terms & Conditions!

As you can see, there are a lot of details considering the bonuses. It’s clear that the betting sites also want to make a good deal. That’s why you should always patiently study the Terms & Conditions. When presenting you the welcome bonus, the site needs to show all important Terms & Conditions of the bonus. We describe the most popular cases on Boku sports betting sites. However still, you should read the terms yourself, to not be surprised.

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